Joe and Will Lawrance


Joe and Will Lawrance were identical twins and gifted artists who inspired and awed those fortunate enough to know them and experience their work. They died by suicide six years apart. By sharing their stories and making their breathtaking collections broadly available, Joe and Will’s family hopes to perpetuate their legacies, create a safe haven for others to explore issues surrounding mental health, and highlight resources to help those who may be suffering. We invite you to experience the beauty of their art and to become part of a community dedicated to uplifting others.


Parents Jan and Mark Lawrance share their family’s story with CBS Sunday Morning. Correspondent Jim Alexrod reports about how the Lawrances have found purpose in their grief.


Art gallery

Joe and Will’s stunning talent was evident from an early age. Impressively, they nurtured and commanded a wide range of media and styles that resulted in remarkably diverse collections. From abstract and surrealism to photo realism and architectural studies, their technically astounding and emotionally complex catalogs provide a glimpse into how they saw and experienced the world.

The Indianapolis Art Center celebrated the brothers’ combined catalogs with an expansive BetterTogether exhibit that showcased the breadth and scope of their artistic abilities.


If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, or a mental health or substance use crisis, please call 988 to reach Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and speak with a trained crisis specialist 24/7. For more mental health resources, including access to support groups, visit NAMI Indiana.


Honor Joe and Will’s lives, celebrate their artistic talent, and support causes and organizations close to their hearts.


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